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Now that you have these seeds, here's your first step.







Get a seedling tray:

And some gloves which we would recommend using the clawed ones because they make scooping dirt easy:

Lastly, you can grab a big of Organic Potting soil at your local store and you are ready to start sprouting seeds.

Now plant your seeds approximately 1 in below the soil in the seedling tray and give them water plus heat or light.

After watering them for a few weeks your sproutlings should be able to be transplanted into small pots.

Make sure you put lots of light on them for at least 8 hours a day so here is another LED grow light that can be screwed into a normal light socket perfect for desk lamps.

This is when you want to start adding nutrients and for that, we have the perfect organic easy solution for you which is a perfect home sized compost tea creator.

Make sure to water your plants with this compost tea anytime you see their top soil looks dry and then when you can see their roots growing through the holes in the bottom it is time to transplant them into the garden, remember to keep watering them with the liquid fertilizer. 

Here is a list of all the foods nutrients and food scraps you can throw into your composter to help them grow. Keep in mind that not all things can go in your compost.